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Your Tax Dollars at Work



Pittsfield Township

Lorain County

James R. McConnell, Fiscal Officer

17567 Hallauer Rd., Wellington, OH 44090

(440) 775-3352 Home     (440) 774-7223 Office/Garage


Mark Diedrick      Forrest Mohman         Mark McConnell


Pittsfield's New '10 International Plow Truck is Ready, purchased last spring and delivered in August, the truck sports a large International Diesel Engine, Stainless Bed and Hardware. Pittsfield old truck was sold to a Township in southeast Ohio. Trustees decided to purchase this truck to beat the new emission standards going into effect this year saving the township $1000's in cost and fuel cost with newer engines while maximizing our sale price for the old truck. 

05/09 New Landscaping at Pittsfield Town Hall purchased from MTC Horticulture Services providing the Township with the Lowest Bid for the Project.

Sign0509.jpg (62998 bytes)

05/09 New Landscaping at Pittsfield Town Hall Sign purchased from MTC Horticulture Services providing the Township with the Lowest Bid for the Project.

Tractor08.jpg (59844 bytes)

New Case tractor purchased 11/10 replaces the '09 Case Tractor purchased 11/09.  The tractor was purchased from Wellington Implement under State Contract for only $1,000. Trustees feel that is less than the than the maintenance on the old tractor.

Trackhoe1.jpg (24191 bytes)

Trackhoe purchased 12/08 for ditch work and for work in the cemetery. Purchased from Krystowski Tractor Sales in Wellington for $22.000.

cemetary1.jpg (60440 bytes)

08/06 Ground Work being done for new building at the Pittsfield East Cemetery.

cemetary2.jpg (40897 bytes)

09/06 The building at the Pittsfield East Cemetery will be used to store cemetery supplies and equipment.  Also large enough to accommodate a dump truck to keep dirt removed from plots dry during inclement weather. Cost about $15,000

sign3.jpg (54892 bytes)

6/11/05 New Cemetery Sign installed by Pittsfield Township's Dan Shinski, Trustees & Sugar Ridge Stone Works at the East Cemetery.

sign6.jpg (72065 bytes)

6/11/05 New Cemetery Sign at the South Cemetery. Signs will eventually be landscaped.

9/04 New Culvert was installed on Pitts Road South of Merriam Road, project was paid for with Township funds and Issue 2 moneys


9/04 New landscaping around the monument was done. Small shrubs  and spring blooming flowers were added beatifying our landmark!

10/04-Town Hall Parking area expanded to allow angle parking. Project was done with Township Equipment and Labor.12-12-02 




Park and Town Hall Lighting is now complete.  Trustees have recently hired Mac & Sons of Pittsfield Township to add lighting to the Sign, Monuments and Town Hall.  Special thanks to Bob Brill for providing the shields for the spot lights!

If you haven't seen the lights at night you owe it to your self to check these out.  The Light sure makes Pittstfield Township stand out.  These lights are state of the art with long life bulbs and low energy usage.


Other Projects 


Various ditch & small road projects have been done!

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